Careers in Health Informatics

e-Seminar: Careers in Health Informatics

Careers in Health Informatics

Dr Chris Paton

This recorded e-Seminar covers how to develop your career in Health Informatics.

• The e-seminar is hosted by GoToTraining.
• You can view the recording using a Mac, PC or an iOS device.

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Speaker: Dr Chris Paton

The seminar is hosted by Dr Chris Paton, a digital health researcher at Oxford University and Editor of the Health Informatics Forum. He is a Fellow of the Australasian College of Health Informatics and the UK Faculty of Clinical Informatics and worked as a medical doctor in the NHS and New Zealand before specialising in Clinical Informatics research at Oxford University. Dr Paton is Associate Editor for Sage Digital Health and BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making journals.

Previous e-Seminar Feedback

Feedback from our last e-Seminar on Designing Digtial Health Apps:

"I found it full of useful information" 5/5

"Very well presented and informative" 5/5

"It was so informative and I learnt a lot in a short time." 5/5

"It’s really good" 4/5

"The presentation is quite informative and the feedback is great" 5/5

"It was a great season full of insights. I like the fact that the Chris (speaker) was able to explain a number of things and also use diagrams to demonstrate. Grateful to have attended." 5/5

"Excellent" 5/5

"It's a very good introduction to application development. The plus point is that it is not tailored for programmers only." 4/5

"The e-seminar is educative and informative" 5/5

"The seminar was well organised. It was very resourceful, simple to understand and informative on the subject shared on.
The presenter as well as the organiser (Dr. Chris Paton) had good command of the subject matter, was able to cover all the questions and matters that arose. I will definitely recommend other e-seminars such as this to colleagues." 5/5