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Health informatics Vs Bioinformatics

I got admitted to Bioinformatics and health informatics graduate program in The University of Texas El paso and University of Missouri, columbia respectively. I could not decide between the two courses as I am not sure which of them has good career options. By the way, I stay in US. So please members of this forum help me in getting a better perspective. I will be awaiting for your replies.

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  • The field of health informatics is getting crowded with people with technology orientation. The bioinformatics—with emphasis on biomedical sciences—has more challenging opportunities and a growing field with better career options.
    • thanq :)

    • I respectfully disagree with this. I found the field of Bioinformatics very "crowded" and limited to academic or industry settings. I switched to Health Informatics and have been very happy with the work environment and unlimited job opportunities.
      • Guess I should check the dates of the posts before responding, LOL!!
  • With my limited knowledge......

    Bio informatics is subset of Health Informatics. Informatics deals with Information + Technology. Helath Informatics covers, hospitals, Govt, Diseases, Patient , Privacy, Security, Technology etc....whreas Bio Informatics restricted scope.  Helath Informatics will have broaded job opprtunity. If you are interested in research in a specicfic area then Bio informatics better. As healthcare domain is expanding in bigger way I feel Health Informnatics has better scope.





    • Thank you :)
  • hi pravallika,

    both are exciting fields and have good career option ....

    It depends on you ,in which of reserch  you are interested in....

    but in case of bioinformatics ..i would say u require a good molecular biology,advance mathematics and programming (especially JAVA , "R-programming" etc)knowledge to develop sophisticated algorithms in bioinformatics ...and if u have such skills then i would say bioinformatics is a field for you it has v.good job prospects and has good funding if u want to go for PhD ...and people with such skills are rare...


    Hope it helps!!





    • I don't have any programing background. Need to take pre courses before starting the actual program. I am afraid if I can learn in such a short period as I have no previous knowledge. Being a pharmacy student I learned about molecular biology and genetics but the curriculum wasn't that deep. This is what makes me so confused.
  • It is all about your intrest and educational back ground. Bioinformatics revolve around pure scientific nucleus like study and analysis of genes , protiens and other genetic material stuff but health informatics domain is more scatered and deal with data of clinical , social , pharmaceutical domain etc. so analyze your intrest in this prospect



    • Thanks you:)
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