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The use of Healthcare Informatics is widespread throughout the entire healthcare industry. It would be difficult to find any healthcare organization within the United States that does not heavily rely on some type of a healthcare information system as they assist the medical providers in being able to provide the best care possible for the patient; while also reducing the number of errors that occur (Mettler, 2012).

Although I have not had any personal experience in applying healthcare informatics, I have been very aware of the existence of, and the roles that it plays in the healthcare industry. Unfortunately, I do not yet have any experience in using any type of healthcare information system, nor healthcare informatics. However, I have learned not only what informatics is by definition, but also how it applies to the healthcare industry through completing Units 1-3, and learning that health information systems are capable of not only receiving and processing a patient’s health data, but also of outputting recommended treatment in reference to the data received (Zahabi, Kaber, & Swangnetr, 2015).

Although I am not able to apply this information immediately, I am confident that it will be beneficial in the future when I begin my career as a healthcare administrator. Health information systems store information concerning the patient’s health records; including but not limited to their full medical history, prescription drug allergies, frequencies, and dosages, as well as a recommended treatment plan for the future (Reilly, 2003)



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