ICU Telemedicine

Andy Kofke talks about his ICU Telemedicine system:

ICU Telemedicine

From this vantage point I can control a video camera to “go into” a room with two way audio communications, see a page summarizing all the patient’s main points, follow the bedside monitor continuously, read progress notes, view chest x rays, and review labs, among other things….everything except physically examine a patient or do a procedure on a patient. Also there is a sentry system that alarms when there is a trend or overt problem indicating that something is amiss…


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  1. Looks really neat. I’m a physician myself and am working on implementing telemedicine. What software are you using for the ICU telemedicine system? Could you share some close ups and/or screenshots of the monitors so we can get a fee1 for how it all works.
    Mark Singh MD