This free online course, Introduction to Health IT: Health Management Information Systems, is a “theory” component that provides an introduction to health care applications and the systems that use them, health information technology standards, health-related data structures, and enterprise architecture in health care organizations.

This course contains 19 online lectures and will take about 20 hours to complete.

This course was authored by Duke University and funded by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT -  see credits for more details.

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  • The lectures are very effective & nice. I could learn more.
  • I am new and need to be part f this class. Can someone tell me how I can be part of the live class if there is any?
  • Can some assist l need to start learning but can not find the options of starting lessons
    • Hi Ottias, just click on the links to find the lectures.
    • Are there certificates at the end of the course?
  • How do l start to learn
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