Component Acronym Glossary

AAP- American Academy of Pediatrics

ACP- American College of Physicians

AHIMA- American Health Information Management Association

AIX-Advanced Interactive Executive

AMI-Acute myocardial infarction

CCD- Continuity of Care Document

CCHIT- Certification Commission for Health Information Technology

CCR- Continuity of Care Record

CDR- Clinical Data Repository

CFO- Chief financial officer

CPOE- Computerized Physician Order Entry

CPT- Current Procedural Terminology

CPT-4- Current Procedural Terminology

DBA- database administrator

DEC PPD-11- Digital Equipment Corporation’s Programmed data Processor 11

FDA- Food and Drug Administration

Ghz- Gigahertz

HIMSS- Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society

HITSP- Health Information Technology Standards Panel

HP-UX- Hewlett Packard Unix

IBM DB2- International Business Machines Database 2

ICA- Independent computing architecture

JAMA- Journal of the American Medical Association

KLAS- Name of a health IT research firm (based on founders’ first initials)

LDS Hospital- Latter Day Saints Hospital (Intermountain Healthcare)

LOINC- Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes

MAR- Medication administration record

MLMs- Medical Logic Modules

MUMPS- Massachusetts General Hospital Utility Multi-Programming System

MYCIN- Original name is EMYCIN no abbreviations defined

NAHIT- National Alliance for Health Information Technology

NASDAQ- National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations

NDC- National Drug Code (directory)

Open VMS platforms- Open virtual memory systems platforms

OTPS-Other than personal costs

PACS- Picture archiving communication system

QMR- Quick Medical Reference

RAM- Random access memory

RFI- Request for information

RFP- Request for proposal

RFQ- Request for qualifications or Request for Quotation

SNOMED-CT- Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine

SQL- Structured Query language

TCP/IP- Transfer Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

TEPR- Toward the Electronic Patient Record (a type of conference)

UAI- Universal Application Integrator

V Lan- Virtual local area network

VIP- Very important person

XML- Extensible Markup Language

Y2K- ‘the year 2000’