Unit 6: Articulating Feedback and Feedforward: Tracking Success and Change

This unit will provide information to the learner on tools and techniques for giving and receiving feedback regarding HIT team performance. Elements introduced include the use of formative and summative evaluations, conflict management, and appropriate communication channels. Participants will evaluate individual behaviors regarding stated ground rules for functioning as a member of an HIT team. The difference between feedback and feedforward will be clarified as students will incorporate the seminal elements of positive change into their dealings with others. Tools for serving as a change agent and tracking success will also be practiced by students in team exercises. Based upon the belief that we can change the future but we cannot change the past, participants will practice the steps to both delivering and receiving feedforward information.  Also based on the belief that it can be more productive to help people be right than to prove they are wrong, participants will be challenged with developing strategies for applying feedforward mechanisms within HIT team involvement.