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MyMedicalHistoryOnline Announces Launch of Medical Records Retrieval ServiceChicago, IL, April 27, 2008 MyMedicalHistoryOnline.com announces a new service that gives patients full control and ownership of their medical records. If you're like most people, you may have records from multiple sources, including your primary care physician, the emergency department, and even different hospitals. Getting the vital information contained in your records to give to other healthcare providers for consultations, in case of emergencies, or to review for errors can be difficult and time consuming. Now, instead of relying on hospitals or providers to maintain your important medical records, you can be in control.MyMedicalHistoryOnline.com provides an easy authorization form to fax to your provider or hospital allowing the release of your records. MyMedicalHistoryOnline.com then receives your records, converts them into electronic format, and sends them to you on a password protected flash drive. You get the chance to review your records, the option to provide your records to other health care providers at your discretion, quick access to your important medical history in case of emergency, and peace of mind knowing that you’re in control of your important health information, with no need to rely on internet access or on-line storage.John C. Mazurek, one of the founders of MyMedicalHistoryOnline.com, says that "our system overcomes the difficulties of having your records stored in multiple, often inaccessible places, and eliminates the concerns raised by some organizations in storing records on the internet. Your medical records belong to you, so it only makes sense that you have them in your possession."A large study earlier this year showed that certain patients with heart conditions have potentially better outcomes if their treating physician in the emergency department has their medical history immediately available. In addition, some health experts now recommend that patients periodically check their own medical records for accuracy. With MyMedicalHistoryOnline.com, there is a simple and accurate way to ensure that all of these records are assembled in one location and kept in your control.Erik Kulstad, MD, a Chicago area based emergency room physician and co-founder of MyMedicalHistoryOnline.com, says "Physicians as well as patients have been frustrated by a general lack of access to medical records causing uncertainty in treatment, delays in care, and redundant testing which can be risky and expensive. Putting patients in greater control of their own records is an idea that I hope will significantly improve healthcare."Melissa Swartz, RN, another co-founder of MyMedicalHistoryOnline.com, became interested in medical record access solutions during her personal experience in battling Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Her treatment resulted in a total of 8 separate physicians needing her medical records. “Having these records in my control, on an easy to carry flash drive that can be opened only with my password, makes new doctor visits and consultations that much easier” she says.MyMedicalHistoryOnline.com provides the authorization form to have your medical records released, the conversion of your records into electronic format, and a portable, password-protected flash drive, all for the one-time cost of $34.95.For additional information on MyMedicalHistoryOnline.com, visit:http://www. MyMedicalHistoryOnline.com.ABOUT MyMedicalHistoryOnline.com : We provide an easy way to obtain and store all of your medical records so that they are easily available for your review, for safe keeping, and for use in case of emergency.CONTACT:Contact Person: John MazurekCompany Name: MyMedicalHistoryOnlineFAX Number: (888) 481-4756Email Address: Support@mymedicalhistoryonline.comWebsite URL: http://www.MyMedicalHistoryOnline.com

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