About PACS & Image informatics

I would like to start a discussion concerning PACS & image informatics and the common area between Radiologists  and IT professionals  


I am Radiologist since 5 years doing my fellowship in Health informatics and want to do deep through PACS & Image informatics ... My question is what's IT background needed for a radiologist to become PACS administrator  or developer ?? 



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  • I would say you first of all need a good understanding of how PACS works, networking and OS basics. To be an admin you'll probably need to know more about enterprise IT systems than anything domain specific like PACS. You could try getting windows certified or doing some basic IT courses. To start developing, you could start off with looking at open source system like OSIRIX and perhaps create a new plug-in:



    • so Valuable infos Thank you so so much sir ! :)
  • Dear Doc,

    It was amazing when I found this topic in your discussions, I've been involved in designing short course course plans for radiology residents and adding some more academic courses to their course plan for imaging informatics about two years ago.

    As a medical doctor, lecturer for radiology technicians, Medical IT professional and just now the head of medical informatics in a company with 3D visualization products in forensic medicine I guess there are many small scattered learning subjects for them but there's a doubt in your question, what do you mean from administrator or developer. you mean you expect a radiologist be a software developer?

    • Ohh ! I think i found a treasure here by knowing You Dr Farzad ! :)


      As i told before i am a radiology resident and in my way to finish my health informatics fellowship .. willing to work either in medical "radiological" software programming or in PACS and RIS ... My IT background is so weak ... i do not know how to start my 1st step in the IT world ?? and what is most useful for me to be learned and what not ?? shall i know a programming language like JAVA or C++ in details ?? and what about Database Management systems ?? and what also about Networking ?? 


      I am so so confused Dr Farzad .. i am so interested to go into IT world ! but i do not know how to start ? i want to find a common area between health " image" informatics and Radiology ... so my question about PACS is how to start my early IT learning steps  to enter this field ?? and my question in general is what is the role of IT for me if i decided to work in medical software or establishing HIS or RIS


      sorry for my confusion and for this disarrange words and questions !

      • Dear Dr.,

        Excuse me for late reply, I guess I haven't seen your comments in my emails. However I think it depends on the field that you want to enter. It means if you are in favor of processing the images you have to learn DIP(Digital Image Processing) and all related subjects. If you want to be familiar with PACS implementation and integration with other databases in medicine you need to learn about DBMS and a brittle knowledge about programming fundamentals. If you want to enter the standards of medical and health informatics and semantics it's better to learn about semantics and information architecture. Although all of them are in some extent too different, they're different branches in medical or health informatics.

        Good Luck

        • Dear Dr. Jahedi,


          Thank you so much for your reply...and i am so sorry for being late .

          I got your point and appreciated it so much , i am focusing more on PACS implementation and integration but i just want to ask about available  master or post-grad diplomas in image informatics  either online or full time ... most universities offer full health informatics program.. so any suggestions ?? 

  • As per my knowledge you need to take up a comprehensive course on DICOM standards.
    • Dear Dr. Naik , 


      Thanks alot for your post, where can i find such courses ?? online ones ? or it need full time study ?? i know about DICOM but need to goo in depth !

  • Hi, you might find our lecture on medical imaging systems of interest: http://www.healthinformaticsforum.com/page/component-6-unit-7

    • Thank you so much dear Chris !

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