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I am from Gabon an engineer IT and I'm  affected in a public Health Institute

to help develop a National health information system.

I am looking for advices and training courses that will help us understand and implement a National health information system.


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  • Hi, currently many African countries are strengthening their national health information systems. I advice you to plan visiting countries like Tanzania where District Health Information System (DHIS2) has been successful used to collect health data from facility level to the national level. DHIS2 open source web based system has been used in many countries (Africa and Asia). You can take time and search for that system implementation projects in various countries, study for challenges and how will it be suitable for Gabon.

    Training Part: Courses like MSc. Health Informatics and Health Information Science are relevant for ensuring the availability of staff with adequate skills to manage the National Health Information System. You have the IT skills but you will need also to be familiar with how the health system works in your country; understanding the information flow from facility level to the national level (ministry of health); basic knowledge on Epidemiology etc.

    Thanks, hope you got something to brainstorming.
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