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I was wondering if you could suggest any Msc or postgraduate training in Health Informatics, and if you could tell me if an "online" program would be as good as an "in site" one.By the way, Most of the programs I have seen, requires some experience on health informatics (mine is zero)... is there any place I can have a "clerkship" or rotation on medical informatics?Thank you in advance for your help

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  • I did my masters from Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and University of Bath. Initially they were jointly conducting the programs. Now, RCSEd has teamed up with University of Edinburgh and is offering its own separate program. All of them are comparable in quality.

    Most such programs are online, because most people who opt for such programs are either working full time and / or located far (different contries / continents). Online programs are as good as on campus ones.

    Sanjoy Sanyal
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