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I am a masters student in health informatics and this is my final semester. I am required to do a Capston Project to graduate this May. I am having trouble to decide which topic to take as I want to do a practical project. My ideas are around data analytics, SNOMED, LOINC and other codes in healthcare. My professor has the following instructions. 

This can be a research project, or it can be a practical project that is framed with research.  The design or analysis of health informatics systems, programs, or applications are potential areas of work for the project.  Program planning and policy development are also possible areas of focus.  Community-based participatory projects are actively encouraged.  To the extent possible, Capstone Projects have as a goal an active contribution to the field of health informatics.



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  • I believe you are in a Masters program in the United States. If that is correct, how about looking at the very extensive public health data web site known as Public Health Partners: Health Data Tools and Statistics at This web site has multiple public health data sets that might give you some ideas about how you might do a Capstone project on data 

    • Bob, thanks for posting that data set site. I don't know if it'll help the poster, but I just completed my M.S. in Applied Health Informatics and can't wait to play with this site that you posted. I sent it to the university I was studying at even, so that they can share it with others. 

  • Good evening. I would suggest that you watch the following: The idea of pooling medical data for cancer drugs that can benefit more than one cancer diagnosis primary site is valuable and will address the economics of healthcare at later stages of life when often outcomes are poor. The privacy concerns related to this "open source" is the talk of the day. Let us know what you decide as I am also doing a Capstone project and very interested in the many many scripts affecting us every day more and more when we click on the next web site.
  • Here is the "Creepy" study of using Facial Recognition which allows analysis to get social security numbers, and the future of facial recognition. How many of you have had a physician take your picture to add to your medical chart? What are the implications of such an addition? It is not just about password hacks, but voice, do you protect yourself?
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