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Care homes, Clinics, and Medical Software

We have an excellent software for care homes, clinics, and medicals that is aimed at making the entire healthcare system planning easy and effective, all packed in one single software.

1. Rostering- This helps in scheduling jobs and assigning tasks to available members
2. Patient Care Management- Core of the system and involves all stages of patient admission and discharge.
3. Bed Occupancy Planning- For smooth inpatient management system that is fully integrated with admissions as well as discharge procedures
4. Billing and Payment systems- To send accurate and timely bills to your customers
5. Point of care- Mobile application for Nursing staff with features like daily charts, medication requirements, dependency level, service updates, etc; all in real time.

Real-time data on daily activities as well as condition updates on the patient are captured and review opportunities are provided to the users of the system.

Please check out for further details.

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