I am exploring the role of clinical informatics specifically in Radiology and one area is the radiology report. It is an important repository written in free text with clinical findings. How to extract clinical terms from these reports, within context, and how to use them effectively.

I am working with Aga Khan University Hospital (www.aku.edu) in Healthcare Informatics.



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  • This is a very important area of medical informatics for which there is growing interest and a body of research and papers. The computational linguistics community has still not solved the twin problems of semantic indexing and semantic retrieval because interpreting language is very knowledge intensive. However, you can view a demo of my company's approach Demo of Semantic Processing. I would also be willing to discuss this with you in more detail at pjamieson@logicalsemantics.com.
  • Hi Mohammad,


    Have you seen the work IHE have been doing in radiology informatics:







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