I have very specific questions for HI community which would determine my future career path, so needless to say yur response would be greatly appreciated. Here we go:

- my impression is that the best way to get into the field is by starting as a coder. What you think?

-for that I think one needs some sort of community education, maybe online classed which eventually lead to basic certification

-prospects? inpatient coder in hospital setting and then after some five or so years hopefully position in the management for quality assurance

-other prospects?

- what are the chances of being hired after getting certified as a coder? I heard they still hire people who are already in the field

- what' s a daily routine for a coder? what are their typical work day responsibilities?

-having a background in dentistry and two masters in health care administration and public health should give one an edge in advancing in the field? 


or maybe I should take a $250, 000 loan and get into a dental school, even though I am not that young and don't do very well under daily stress of working with patients??? 


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  • Hi Sara
    It depends on who and where you are. Based on your provided information (having master degree in healthcare management, not a programming fan), I think that education for being programmer can be the most far way to join Health Informatics community. Basically there are many other attitudes in Medicohealth Informatics that do not need you to be a programmer. Albeit you have to know the principals of programming. For example being a, Healthcare information manager, system analyst, product manager, Terminology and Ontology expert, Researcher etc. If you reside in an advanced country in Healthcare issues, you will have wider possibilities.
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