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Drones for Healthcare

Most people have pretty negative connotations about drones as they have primarily been used for military purposes to date. That is changes rapidly however. Companies like Amazon are actively pursing using drones for useful every-day tasks such as delivering parcels so perhaps it's time to think about how drones could be used in healthcare.

The most obvious use would be in proving emergency equipment and telemedicine support in situations where road based or other means are not available such as mountain rescue. Having seen ambulances slowly wind through heavy traffic, drones might also be able to assist in a road traffic accidents. Perhaps using an aerial camera might help the emergency teams make a better appraisal of the number of vehicles involved and whether or not they need to send in a helicopter.

Obviously there are some pretty big obstacles to overcome before drones become useful in these situations - crashing a drone into an emergency situation isn't going to do anyone any good!

What do think - could drones have a place in the healthcare system?

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  • Have you seen the"Bourne Legacy" movie? one of the part is showing the usage of drone for transporting some blood sample from the remote area. I think it will be usefull for telemedicine field in some archipelago or vast country
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