Health Informatics Graduates - HELP!



I am a student studying health sciences and would like to continue my studies in getting a Master in Health Informatics. I applied to the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada and I would like to get feedback from others that have gone through the interview process.


What types of questions do they ask you during the interview? What related questions would they throw at me with regards to health informatics during my interview? Are there different streams in health informatics?


Your feedback would be very helpful!


Thank-you in advance!




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  • I am a prospective student. I was interviewed by the university of Missouri faculty. I was asked why I am interested in this field and since when. Applications and uses of this field. Where I would like to see me in 10 years. What in specific I am interested in HI and why? Rest is all about my educational background and work experience and team work capabilities.


    Good luck.

    • Thanks Prevallika. It helps lot. I will get back to you as soon as I finish with mine. Appreciated.



  • Hi Pravallika, 


    Thank-you very much for letting me know! :)



    • I Hope your interview went well too!
  • Hi Stephanie,
    I'm thinking of applying to UofT Health Informatics program. I'd like to get your thoughts on the program as well as how was the interview? What did they ask you in the interview. Please let me know. Also, have u met any previous graduates? If yes, what are their thoughts on finding jobs and was the practum a worth? Thank you. Look forward to hear from you. 
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