Clinical Systems Analyst?

   Hello, I am currently a student who is aiming towards earning a Master's in Health Informatics. I would really love to work in a health-care related position, but I feel I would be more comfortable working less with patients and more with computers and electronic medical records. The position of "clinical systems analyst/clinical informatics data analyst" interests me a lot, as well as an "informaticist researcher" and "clinical informatics coordinator". I wish to pursue a position as a clinical systems analyst and possibly work my way up into research later on. I have been looking up open job offers in my area for a clinical systems analyst and related positions, but the educational requirements always seem to differ. I usually find that employers ask for either a Bachelor's degree in either Information Technology/Information Systems/Computer Science or typically Nursing, along with plenty of experience in health care positions. 

   I have read that a Bachelor's in Health Information Management has been able to combine to two, but there are no programs available around where I live and universities/colleges close by in my state. I was considering either getting a BS in Nursing, IT, Information Systems, Computer Science or Medical Technology. Since most job offers for clinical systems analyst request competency with computer systems AND health care, I have no idea how to mix the two.

   I was wondering which educational background would be more appropriate for position as a clinical systems analyst and/or which backgrounds tended to produce more opportunities for more positions similar to these? Also, I was wondering if having a degree in one field, but find experience in the other as well (for example, getting a Nursing degree but working at an IT part-time job, or getting a degree in IT but also becoming a part-time Certified Nursing Assistant, CNA) would benefit at all with your job prospects? For now, I was considering getting a BS in IT or Computer Science because I am very interested in computers and I am somewhat introverted (as opposed to working with patients/people constantly, such as in Nursing) or Medical Technology, because I love science and the idea of working in a lab.

Thank you!

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  • i feel u should have a good knowledge in medicine as well as in computers.But when think in computers, u not need all hi fi technical details to be a  health infomatician.As a helth informatician what we should do is fill the gap between computer pepoles and medical people.

    Simply, we should gain knowledge as IMPLEMENTERS.

  • I'd say get a solid nursing base, first. Computers, second... I was told " you can teach a nurse to be an "informatician" but you can't teach an "informatician" to be a nurse."
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