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Health informatics Vs Bioinformatics

I got admitted to Bioinformatics and health informatics graduate program in The University of Texas El paso and University of Missouri, columbia respectively. I could not decide between the two courses as I am not sure which of them has good career options. By the way, I stay in US. So please members of this forum help me in getting a better perspective. I will be awaiting for your replies.

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      • Be sure you are not confusing Biomedical informatics with bioinformatics. The former is very broad and includes Health Informatics; Bioinformatics deals with genomics, pharmacogenomics, etc.
      • Hi I had to think about the same questions in my MSc bioinformatics thesis I came up with a definition of Bioinformatics as the collection, analysis and dissemination of genomic data, so it is at primarily at the cellular level.

        Medical informatics is concerned with the use of medical data such as patient responses to drugs, life style information, previous treatment records etc. etc., data at a grosser level.

        In a way these two are not mutually exclusive as one can see a time when genomic data plays an integral part of a persons medical data e.g. in a persons response to drugs for example.

        As far as the future of the job market in bioinformatics...your guess is as good as mine, to me it appears to be a tool rather then a stand-alone discipline its self. So the future is unclear, will it get swallowed up in the realm of molecular biology?

        Medical informatics has potentially a big role to play in the future as many hospitals and doctors still keep paper records. There are currently no detailed electronic records of patients. One area where these records would be useful is assessing the success of drugs on patients. Although not sure about the job side to medical informatics. Also you can visit this website to explore job opportunities after finishing Bioinformatics. I hope this helps!
        Mala Kapoor
  • Hi Paul,

    Nice to know u r from UMissouri. I am planning to start my career as soon as I finish my masters. I heard that health informatics program has fewer jobs and international students may have difficult time in securing one. Please let me know your view on this.

    I was told that in summer students has to do internship, will the university take care of finding one and does the student need to pay for intership?


    Thanks :)

  • Simple, If you study Bioinformatics, You get career opportunities more in Research Companies, and you almost have nothing to do with an Hospital or Health Information Management, For example a company which specializes in manufacturing MRI-Magnetic resonance imaging machines(would prefer a Bioinformatics Personnel than Health Informatics). So my Advice is that it depends on the kind of Environment that you want to work.

    Research? -Bioinformatics

    Hospital envrmnt? - Health Informatics

    But please were you admitted for Masters or Undergraduate?

    • masters program
      • I also got  admitted for Masters in Health Informatics at Leeds University London, but the tuition fees is not affordable- about 12600 pounds.

        Looking for scholarship and Financial aid currently, Hoping to resume by September this Year, But that depends on God's Provision for me.

  • Do u have programming experience before. If not did u find the courses related to programming hard? I am from pharmacy background so I was anxious to know how difficult would students without programming background feel.

  • Health infomatics is a broader career that enables you to have increased chances of employment, and career expansion." depending on your specialization. Bioinformatics is a growing fied with better career options. With careful planning, there is nothing imposible." There are two principles involved here. one says,"if you think it's not safe do not do it" 2.The other one says As long as u have the interest," dare to fail." Asses yourself accadamicaly, your interest in the course, and asses the subjects involved in both courses as advised by friends, then make an informed decision. what is important is interest and hard work...    

  • I do not know much about the programs but I think Health informatics  will be OK, looking at the some of the comments. I hope you make the best choice.
  • Hi Pravallika - which one did you choose?
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