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I need information on what to do please help!!!

ok here goes, I am a nurse an LPN and I want to go to school for IT but where do I start, do I go for

Associate of Applied Science in Health Information Technology
Associate of Science in Information Technology

I have some college credits from taking nursing such as
Human Anatomy&Physiology I:SC1
Human Anatomy&PhysiologyII:SC1
Microbiology: SC1

and a few others.......

The local community college has both

Now in the real world what's the difference? If I go for Health-IT I would have less classes to take, would I be able to do the same stuff as an IT in a health care setting or is it just more for EHR?

I would like to get my Bachelor of Science in Information Technology..... but what to start with

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  • If you are interested in a purely IT role rather than a clinical IT role, I would go for IT training as you will go into much more detail about how to manage IT systems, programming, etc. If you are interested in a health informatics role (training, clinical leadership, strategy, etc) then a health IT degree will probably serve you better. It depends on how dramatically you want to change your career course.

  • I agree with Chris, moreover if you go for health informatics, I think you can be exempted from some courses. you need to contact respective schools so that you make rich decision based on enough information. if you are in Africa, try out University of Dar es Salaam Tanzania and also Zambia Centre of Accountancy Studies in Zambia.

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