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Just an update on the Health Informatics module I have been teaching in Tralee. We have now graduated two classes of international nurses (50 in total) with very good results in the Healthcare Informatics module. The students have very much enjoyed the module and though the majority come from China there have been no difficulties in presenting the subject, doing the course work or taking the exams in English.I have enjoyed the experience and have learned a lot from the nurses. I have presented results at the annual Healthcare Informatics Society of Ireland conference in November 2016( and discussed the work in an article in the Journal of Informatics Nursing in March 2017 ( a methodology for nurse led design of smartphone apps: We also had posters accepted at both the eHealth Canada conference and the IMIA world conference in China in 2017.We have a new cohort of over 40 Chinese students beginning this September (2017) and I am looking forward to working with them.The Chinese nurses have a great desire to learn how to employ Information Technology effectively in their work and they will have much to offer in the area of Nursing Informatics in the future, both in China and internationally.

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  • Thanks for the update Peter - looks like you are doing great work!
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