I am Pravallika. I am a Pharmacy graduate and I am applying for Health informatics graduate program. while writing the statement of purpose I had to write the major challenge(problem) in health care system. I know its the cost  and insurance but while writing for a university I will be expected to write a challenge in the health care field which is relevant to the field I am applying. The problem is I am not sure how to put it well. Can some one please help me with this? It would help me a lot.

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         As far as i know it's the integration part of healthcare information systems without affecting normal working of present hospital system.Totally depends on the country u belong to.

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      I am from USA. Can you put it much more clear?

  • Reimbursement is the key area in the US Healthcare system. Figuring out who should pay for services (individual, employer or government) seems to be the most debated topic. A good book to read is "The Innovator's Prescription" by Clayton Christensen. As it relates to HIM, using technology to help automate certain processes in dealing with patient health records will reduce costs and make clinicians and staff more productive, leading to increased quality of care.
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  • You could also look at how informatics is being used to inform the cost and funding debate. Have a look at the Dartmouth Atlas:



    • Many...and multi dimensional views e.g. organization infrastructure, culture and its sponsorship, Technical infrastructure, readiness and change process.
    • I have gone through it. I found it helpful while writing my SOP.
  • I would like to point out that health care can be seen from different points. But I personally like to divide it in 2 parts. One in charge of delivery of care and health. Another responsible for the sustainability of the system that delivers health and care.

    Health informatics can impact both ends, deciding which is more important is up to you. I will give you couple of examples.

    In the delivery of care, Health Informatics can improve this delivery in different stages. Health must not be seeing lonely as curing someone but also as preventing (either primary prevention or secondary prevention.) Primary prevention may help people avoid getting sick, one example of information systems applied on health that help you being healthy is including a tracking device so you know, for instance, how much do you run and how often. There is evidence this improves adherence of patients to treatments such as life style changes.

    In hospital settings, decision support systems may improve the delivery of health by avoiding that doctors and nurses make mistakes in prescription or drug management. 


    Now, when you think about the supporting side of Health care, there are many discussions on reimbursement, for instance, and how the model based on "interventions" supports a system where doctors get paid for doing, sometimes, not what's necessary but just by doing more. In hospitals, management of hospitals, ORs, and others are big important issues, that ultimately improve the delivery of health and care. But one must not forget that one thing is what's the system's purpose and something different is what's the system's support. 





    • Your reply was very helpful with the detailed explanation and example, Thanks alot for that.
  • hi Pravallika, nice to hear u applying for HI ? I am from Nepal and thinking to apply for MSc HI . But I can't make decision regarding colleges. Which college are you applying ? How is the recognition of the HI graduates of that college ?
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