I pursued B. Tech, Biotechnology from India's esteemed Universities, National Institute of Technology(NIT), Calicut. During my Undergraduation I've done a project in Bioinformatics. Basically had Mathematics Background till my 12th and Two years of Higher Engineering Mathematics and Calculus relevant subjects in B. Tech. My propensity for computer sciences lead me to train on SAS, Clinical Research, CDM & SDTM and also obtained Diploma in Clinical Research & CDM. I would like to do a MASTERS course in the US where I could make use of the above trained Subjects. Could you please help me with Which Course is so appropriate?

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  • Hi Sairam,

    We have a list of US universities that offer HI courses here: http://www.healthinformaticsforum.com/health-informatics-degrees-an...

    I would advise going through the list and looking at the profiles of each of the courses so see which one suits you best.

    Hope that helps,

    • Thank you Chris, But are you suggesting me to go with Health Informatics only?
      • Sorry Sairam, I thought you were asking which colleges offered health informatics courses. Your skill set would also be appropriate for many other courses including bioinformatics, epidemiology, MPH, medical statistics. What kind of career are you looking for?
        • I'm looking for a career wherein biotechnology/Clincal research is integrated with information(IT) and management systems.
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