Use of Health Informatics in the Workplace


            When dealing with direct patient care on a day to day basis, a nurse becomes very dependent on the information systems and technology available and necessary for the job, such as the PYXIS, the EMAR, and a variety of other computer and documentation systems. When these systems fail, or present a challenge to understand and facilitate use on top of the physical and mental demands of caring for possibly acute patients, it can affect the speed and quality of the patient care a nurse can provide to his/her patients. This is why it is very important for nurses to feel empowered enough to provide information from the clinical setting in order to improve frequently used information and clinical use systems. There is an avenue open to nurses that is little known, and it is a position known as a nursing informatician, (Health Informatics Forum, 2017).

            How can nursing otherwise be integrated in informatics and directly affect nurses and their ability to care for patients in their workplace? According to the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, (2017), “Nursing informatics (NI) is the specialty that integrates nursing science with multiple information management and analytical sciences to identify, define, manage, and communicate data, information, knowledge, and wisdom in nursing practice." An example of how a nurse can contribute to the field of informatics includes the  innovation of suggestive designs to improve systems that deal with patient documentation, admissions, discharges, transfers, physician notification, and medication administration. Patient safety “safety nets” are best understood and created by clinicians who directly deal with patient care and have witnessed and experienced issues within educational and clinical systems.               




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