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    Are you developing the software from scratch or using an open source platform like OpenMRS??

    Have you sat down with all the relevant stakeholders about how the system is going to be used? (From both the clinician, to management??) 

    Have you determined what the outcomes of implementing such a system would be at the hospital?? 

    Have you considered the identifiers that are going to be used in the system and how it may intergrate with other systems in the future.. (i.e. there is no point building something that is not HL7 compliant)

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    • what is HL7, please give me a reference to read about it and also about OpenMRS

      • Hello,

        I recently was educated about HL7 last semester while attending University so my knowledge is limited.

        Health Level Seven (HL7), used among worldwide international organizations are communication methods used to transmit healthcare data between computer system neworks.

        HL7 encompasses commutations or interactions between several types of functions such as medical / pharmacy billing, patient records and patient history etc. By doing so, HL7 allows this information to be processed in a uniform manner thus healthcare organizations have mutually shared clinical information between collaborating organizations. Without establishing HL7, interaction between these computer systems would communicate ineffectively and inefficiently over the networking system.

        As for implementing important features for ERM, may you consider:

        -Ease of transactions and functionality
        -Portability without internet connection
        -Regulation and compliance requirements
        -HL7 EMR integration

        • Thanks for the Explanation, I really much appreciate it. But it is really just a low key Software i want to develop, one which would also be  able to be used in medical records department to get patient information, consultations, Lab tests and Finance Receipts. It would also be used at private clinics and Hospitals. Here in Nigeria, Health Informatics is a New Field and the Computer Literacy Level even of Doctors is still relatively very Low. Thanks a lot. Anyway I Still have to read more on HL7 but is there really a generic database schema for developing EMR softwares.

          • If you are looking for the most basic EMR, I think it would be important to include medication, allergies, patient demographics, problem list, medical history, diagnosis, and an area for note-taking/comments

            • Thanks a lot for the Timely Advice, I'll try and add them too. This is something like the consultation interface. Although still crude. I'll try and make some improvements1064518888.png?width=721

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                • Thanks a lot, I appreciate......Already added u on Facebook

  • Please can someone really introduce me to the HL7 stuff and other HI Standardizations, and also i want to know are there any international Health Informatics Certification Examinations?

    • Great job on your software development. 

      For more additional information regarding HL7, here is a live provided.

      • Thanks a lot - and for the link, Any further suggestions will be very much appreciated

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