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Informatics Newbie: How do I get noticed?

Hello Everyone, 

I am currently pursuing a Masters degree in Health Informatics. I am currently maintaining a 3.8 GPA and am scheduled to graduate December 2015. I have been told by people within the industry that I should be able to find a job while I am still in school. I have 5+ years of clinical background working in various types of patient care settings, which I've been told is a valuable asset to the field of Health Informatics.  I've been applying to entry level positions all around the Chicago metro area with no luck.  For those of you who have been in a similar situation; what did you do to get noticed by potential employers?  Is there anything I can be doing to bolster my chances of being called for an interview?

Any and all help/advice is hugely appreciated

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  • Hi Wina, congratulations on your GPA. It sounds like you are a very good candidate. What kind of position are you looking for? Do you think you could connect with potential employers as part of a project for your Masters? If that's not possible, could you do a few weeks interning at a potential employer before finishing your degree?

    It might also be worth joining the Chicago chapter of HIMSS: - they seem to have lots of networking events where you could get to know potential employers.

    Good luck! Chris
    • Thanks Chris,

      I will look into joining HIMSS Chicago chapter. I am interested in positions such as clinical data analyst or implementation specialist positions. There seems to be some jobs out there but it is hard to get noticed without previous health informatics experience.
      Thank you for your suggestions.

      • Hi Wina, have you done any internships with local organisations? I did a quick Google search and found this:

        There are probably other internship opportunities around Chicago.
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