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Introductions Thread

Hi Everyone,

This thread is to introduce yourself on the site and to let people know about your background.

I'm a medical doctor by training and a Health Informatics researcher and consultant based in Oxfordshire in the UK. I'm currently working with the University of Oxford on a health informatics research project based in Kenya and running the MOOC on this website.

I spent the previous 7 years in New Zealand as a Lecturer in Health Informatics at the University of Otago and as a Senior Research Fellow in Health Informatics at the National Institute for Health Innovation at the University of Auckland.



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  • Hi everyone,

    my name is Nada Youssef, I'm graduated from Health informatics - SEU in KSA. And I'm seeking to acquire new skills that will enable me to develop myself the field of work by looking for in the field of health care technology (E-Health), I'm aspiring to be a professional and pioneer in the field of health care information in the future and an active member of the community.

    Now, I am working on improving my English and refining my scientific skills to complete my study in outside through receive a scholarship.
    • Welcome Nada
  • Hi All,
    I am new into informatics having worked 36 years in the clinical space mainly rehabilitation in Queensland Australia. I have worked the last 14 years as Nurse Unit Manager. I took up an opportunity 12 months ago for a secondment into an informatic role, loved it and have just secured the role permanently.
    Many thanks
    • Hi Annette, welcome to the forum!
  • Dear all,

    I am recent graduate of Health Informatics from the University College London,where I gained a wide range of competencies in EHR modelling, CDSS, Patient Safety & Clinical Risk , eHealth etc. I also have a background in International Master of Public and General Medicine. I am currently creating an eHealth company for underserved communities with telehealth and EHR integrations. Hope through our exchanges in this forum,I will be able to gain valuable knowledge to run a successful business as an EHR vendor and consultant.

    Thank you

    • Welcome Ben!
  • Hello Everyone,
    I am Ankita shethna. I am a Master in Healthcare Administration. I pursue my master's from National University, San Diego, CA. I am actively looking for a full-time job opportunity in the healthcare field.
    Thank you.
    Ankita Shethna
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