I am interested in pursuing a Masters Degree and have researched many online programs offered in the US. I am curious if anyone has researched online programs outside the US and can compare them to programs in the US.It may well be that other universities and other countries are doing it better than the US and if a program is offered online it would likely be wise to study in an non-US program.

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  • I did my Masters in Health Informatics from Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and University of Bath, UK. I had an American student in my cohort from Rhode Island who also did the same course. From what I gather, the essential difference between US and UK systems is that the former is more technology oriented (EMR, CPOE, ETP etc), while the latter is more consumer (i.e. people / patient) and societal-oriented, in the general make-up of their respective curricula, though there is considerable overlap between the 2 systems.

    Dr Sanjoy Sanyal
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