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Job opportunity with zero experience

Dear all, 

I am an ophthalmologist with 14 years experience. I am planning to pursue an online master in healthinformatics from a well accredited online program.

My concern is, will I be able to make a career shift and work in that field based only on my master with zero precious experience in the same field? 

Thank you 

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  • Hi Ahmed, it will be important to also get experience if you are looking for health informatics roles. Are there any projects with your current employer that you can participate in while you do your masters?
    • Thanks Chris.. No particular projects, but the hospital I am working in is implementing fully integrated network system that links the clinics and different departments to each other. That's all we have.
      • I'd suggest talking with the hospital IT department and see if they need clinical champions for any projects - this would give you experience of what kind of roles clinical informaticians get involved in. You could also talk with the government or ministry of health and see if there are larger projects you can get involved with. Also investigate local health informatics organisations and associations.
        • Precious suggestions and advices. I appreciate it. Will see around to check the available potentials. Thanks a lot, Chris.
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