I am looking for Master Health Informatics Vs Master Health Information Management differences in term of which one will be more beneficial for my background of Accounting.

My goal is to change career as I feel stock in this accounting field.

Thank you for your input.

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  • Why do you feel stuck in accounting?

    That's a very versatile degree. In other words, you could do a lot with an accounting degree. You could work for a hospital, a consulting firm, a manufacturing company, have your own business, etc.

    Therefore I'm curious---how are you stuck with an accounting degree?  What is it that you like to get out of your next job that you can't do now with an accounting degree?

    In other words,  if you had a history degree, or a philosophy degree, I could immediately see why you would be "stuck", but it seems to me that those with an accounting degree have a lot of mobility in their profession.  Thus, what do you expect to gain from your next degree that you think will make you feel 'unstuck'?

  • I don’t think there’s much difference between the two degrees. From what I can understand, both these  will be an integration of the healthcare, computer science, and information science disciplines. What you can do is probably study the curriculum of both the programs in detail and see if there are any subtle differences that would make you choose one over the other.

  • Dear

    I am very much interested to join one of the  Master Health informatics  management . My exprience is mostly Monitoring and Evaluation and infromation managemtn and my background is MSC Social work, BSC Inforamtion technology and Diploma Accounting. Please advise me how I will get this masters chance.



    Thank you in Advance



    From Ethiopia

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