Masters Thesis Research Topic

Will be starting my thesis soon and would like to know more of possible research topics that I could go into, hopefully it'll help in the development of Health IT.

I have narrowed my interests to these topics

- telemedicine in developing countries

- how to effectively implement elearning

- developing a national health ID in developing countries

any other topic would be fine..

just like to get my hands on actual needs in telemedicine.

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  • Hello Nelson,

    I am sure you have heard this multiple times before, but choose something you are interested in.  Your topics you posted are good, however still very broad; my suggestion would be to narrow down your focus.  

    Here are a few questions to help you focus your topic:

    "Telemedicine in developing countries"- which aspect are you examining? are we talking about from physician, patient or admin perspective ?  Which specific telemedcine technologies are you referring to specifically? What countries specifically ?   

    "How to effectively implement elearning" - what aspect of elearning are you trying to implement(open courseware? online portals)? all of it ? what do you mean effectively (cost ? ease of use?).  who are you trying to educate with this elearning (ie. target demographics)? 

    These are just couple of examples.  In my opinion, your topics are very broad and generic and your thesis would benefit if you narrowed your scope. 

    Hope this helps,

    Stanley Zhou


  • Hello Nelson, 

    Your ideas are good, and they are important issues that are affecting the world today.  However, like Stan posts, you definitely need to focus your thesis.  Perhaps a comparison between a developed and developing nations and how health informatics affects both and more importantly the approach of improving health care through health informatics differ 

    Good Luck,



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