Located in Queensbury, NY, MedCentricity is a leading provider of today's most powerful and innovative electronic medical solutions and services. Our goal is to leverage technology advances to help physicians streamline operations, increase productivity, and minimize expenses. To achieve this goal, we've developed new and exciting tools that increase the accessibility, reliability, and exchangeability of vital patient information, while significantly increasing productivity and reducing cost.Throughout the years, we've worked closely with our clients to acquire an in-depth understanding of their workflow requirements. This knowledge, combined with our passion for technology and innovation has enabled us to design a Web-based solution; eScribe™.eScribe™ offers maximum interoperability, connectivity, scalability and stability - with a focus on medical providers at the helm. The best part, eScribe™ leverages nothing more than an Internet browser, which means no software installation, quick deployment, global accessibility, and collaboration like never before.www.medcentricity.comwww.medcentricity.com/MedicalTranscription.htmlwww.medcentricity.com/eScribe.html

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