Nurses are expected to provide safe, competent and compassionate care in an increasingly technical and digital environment. With the development of computers and evolution of internet, Information Technology has had a positive impact on health care delivery system worldwide, particularly in the areas of disease control, diagnosis, patient management and teaching.Under Health Informatics umberlla Nursing Informatics is a contrasted area which means intersection of the information science, computer science and Nursing science with Technology. In India, The Indian Association for Medical Informatics(IAMI) is a professional society that plays a role in promoting and furthering the application of informatics in the fields of health care, Bioscience and Medicine in India. It was establishedin 1993. In 2001, it started a discussion group for Medical Informatics. In 2002 got its own website and started Indian Journal of Medical Informatics in 2004 and conduct biennial conferences regularly. In 2014 the 8th Asia Pacific Association for Medical Informatics was organized with a collabaration between IAMI and AIIMS(All India Institute of Medical Sciences), New Delhi and one day workshop on Nursing Informatics for the first time was organized in the 9th IAMI Biennial Conference held at AIIMS , New Delhi on 30th october. This a good sign and a new hope to Indian Nurses society, but still we lack in the Knowledge and skill of nursing informatics because Nursing Informatics is not gained its significance in India.

The Indian Nursing Curriculum provide a chapter on Basic computer at all levels of courses and one chapter on Nursing Informatics in masters curriculum in Nursing education, but the usability of that knowledge and skill in achieving our goals like quality Nursing care with EBP(Evidence Based Practice) is still not reached. Any thing used will become valuable. We Indian Nurses should prepare ourself to excell in computer literacy,then we wil be prepared to develop Nursing Informatics in India as still it is a new born baby in our country.

Now Health Informatics is sprining up in India. Academic courses are conducted for preparing Medical and Para medical professional in Health Informatics in places like Public Health Foundation of India- Indian Institute of Public Health, Hyderabad is having an intergrated M.Sc Health Informatics and PhD in Public Health Informatics 5 years courses Affiliated to ACSIR(Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research). Masters in Health Informatics courses are conducted in AIIMS, New Delhi, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, Tamil Nadu Medvarsity online P.G Diploma in Medical Informatics. , associated with Apollo group of Hospitals,  Amrita Institute of Medical sciences MSc/ P.G.Diploma in Medical Informatics , at Kochi,India, Post Graduate Programs at BII (Bioinformatics Institute of India), Noida, with good industry integration and The Three short Online courses for Medical Informatics in India-

1) eHCF School of Medical Informatics, Delhi provides Certificate course in medical informatics
2) IAHI online course on Health Informatics
3) BII provides various online/distance educations courses in Health care Informatics.

Nursing Informatics as an Independent speciality is not launched in india, It is a self directed and independent endeavor which can be achieved through online courses from other developed countries. So in India Programmes that offers basic and further education in Nursing informatics are needed to provide easy access for motivated Nurses in India. Indian Nurses use computers in Health care delivery but not for Nursing care delivery. National and State Nursing Councils and Associations have to support for Nursing Informatics to develop and grow in India.  

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