• Hi Joanne,


    Have you consider joining any of the professional Nursing Informatics groups? The IMIA NI is very active:



    There's also a nursing working group of AMIA:



    There are also quite a lot of experience informatics nurses on this board. If you do a search you can see some of them:



    Hope that helps,



    • Thank you very much for your reply! I also came across this site from a friend if anyone else happens to read this for CEs and lots of information:
      • What do you mean by mentor?  I understand some informatics programs ask you to find a mentor once in the program.  Is that what you're looking for?

        I contribute some articles to my friend's site since I'm a nurse that switched to IT and i get tons of questions on how to enter the field so my bored friend created a site for me where i post my opinion on how to get in the field:

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