I am graduating this summer with an MSc in Health Informatics and plan to pursue a PhD soon after. Can anyone recommend, or even know of a doctorate program in health policy modeling/simulation? I am seriously considering City University London, but really haven't seen any other programs with people who share my interests and would just like to make sure I have considered all my options.

I am from Canada but am open to attending schools in Europe and the USA, maybe others? Thanks, Allen.

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  • Hi Allen, The Farr Institute is now offering PhD studentships, including one on Health System Simulation:

    Healthcare Systems Optimization (MOD/CoOP)

    This theme aims to target healthcare resources to the areas they will have greatest public health impact, and to improve patient safety – through systematic analysis of patient journeys along care pathways, and simulations of pathway changes.



  • Thanks very much Chris. Sadly they are only accepting UK/EU students currently (funding reasons). Thank you also for the education section of this site, I've just spent the past few hours searching for appropriate programs. No luck yet, but I will carry on! Allen.

    An addition for you, http://www.fims.uwo.ca/acad_programs/grad/HIS.htm

  • Allen, let me know what you find out. I'm interested in this topic, but haven't found any suitable programs. I am also interested in health informatics leadership topics.

  • Hi Rebecca, I certainly will.

  • Hi Allen.

    You might want to look at the University of Edinburgh. They have had, for some years, an MSc programme in HI (I graduated from it in 2012). I know they do PhD-level research in modeling/simulation, including some big data analytics kind of pursuits. Not sure if it is specifically policy-related, tho. I'd recommend pinging Claudia Pagliari to find out more information. You can find her details on the U of Edinburgh site.

    In the US, the Regenstrief Institute / Indiana University programme in translational and biomedical informatics get pretty heavily into simulation. There, you might want to ping Shaun Grannis. I don't know if Shaun specifically has students doing policy simulation stuff, but he could certainly point you in the right direction. Again, you'll find Shaun's details on the RI website.

    Lastly, if you could work with Michael Wolfson at the University of Ottawa you should count yourself lucky. I don't know if he's taking on PhD students at present, but his work re: health system modeling is very leading edge (and very widely cited). Sorry to not have contact details to share, but you can find his page very readily at the U of O site.

    Hope this helps,


    PS: I'm a fellow Canuck. :-)

    • Hi Derek,

      Thank you very much for these ideas, very thoughtful of you! I agree the Indiana program is excellent, and I will look into the others straight away. I took a quick look at the work of Dr. Wolfson and agree, very interesting, and an avenue I will pursue. I will let you know what I find out.

      Nice to meet another Canuck here, thanks again and best wishes, Allen.

  • Hi everyone,
    I just wanted to thank all of you that offered suggestions and ideas. I have recently been accepted into a PhD program (Computer Science) at the University of Saskatchewan, working in the Computational Epidemiology & Public Health Informatics Lab. I have been offered dual supervision by the departments of Computer Science and Medicine, and we will be doing some great work in the area of modeling and simulation of chronic disease, specifically diabetes. Exactly what I was hoping for and couldn't be happier.
    Thank you again, and if anyone shares my interests, please get in touch, would be very happy to chat. Allen.
    • Congrats, Allen.

      Definitely -- let's stay in touch. Your research area is a particular topic of interest for me. :-)

      Warmest regards,

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