Programmers In Health Informatics

Is it important to know about programming if you want to study Health Informatics, would it also be advisable to have Internationally recognized certificates with IT firms like JAVA(SCJP,SCJA), oracle(OCA, OCP), and other related Technologies related to Health Informatics or are these all included in the Health Informatics Curriculum.

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  • Hi john,

    It is not necessary to have knowledge of programming, but I have to mention that it is directly affected by university minimum requirements, as instance, For university of Toronto it is not importnant and not set as minimum requirement, but for McMaster and Waterloo it is a required and obligatory minimum.

    • Well, Maybe, Maybe-not, but i think that if you want to get really fulfilled in Health Informatics, you should have knowledge about Programming because when you get to Top positions in the Feild it would give you more Chances of moving to Top Positions. Also you would have the knowledge of developing IT  Solutions for various Health Fields.
      • I totally agree with John ,  and i am so confused about  the programming language i should learn to support me in HI field . In spite i have no Programming background but i am so interested to study and learn about , so just worry about the perfect language which can help ! waiting any recommendations from experts here !  :)
        • Well, Sir i think it is Just "time" you need, you can always get tutorial Books on the internet and Start learning, learning Visual basic is very interesting since you start with graphical user Interface Programs, Then you can go for java.  programming, Also you can enroll in a programming School, That would be the Best since you are a busy Man
          • Thank You so much Mr John .. very useful ideas
  • I believe that health informatics hiring managers expect candidates to have, at a minimum, basic knowledge of programming concepts.  Depending on the job, candidates should have proficiency in some object-oriented programming, but arguably the most important programming skill to have is the ability to mine data (i.e. SQL).
  • Thank you Ryan for replying .. but what do you think about Java ? and whats better or preferable ... Microsoft SQL server 2008 or Oracle as a database Track  ??

    sorry for asking many questions since i have a very good medical background - i am radiologist and in may way to get a 2 years fellowship in HI -  so just want to put my 1st IT step concerning programming and database ... what do you recommend me ?

    • I think since you are a physician, you don't need to dive too deep into programming, unless you really want to.  However, I still stand by my argument that data mining skills are essential.  There's a really good book that I recommend picking up called SQL Queries for Mere Mortals.  You can find it on Amazon by clicking here.


      As for Oracle vs. Microsoft, I would say it's personal preference.  Both have their merit.

      • i got it Mr Ryan ... Thanks so much :)
        • what do you think about the book? I am planning to get one as well... Thanks, Imran

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