If you work in the business of information technology applications in healthcare, how do you describe what you do?

The term "digital health" is becoming increasingly popular in scientific community (in the UK at least) to describe the application of IT to healthcare with many programmes and projects using the term. So, what is the relationship between digital health and health informatics?

I've been a slow adopter of the term 'digital health' - but I'm increasingly using term. Unlike terms like 'eHealth', 'mHealth', 'Health 2.0' and others, it seems to me to cover the most applications of information technology in healthcare in a way most people understand. Health Informatics, the term I've traditionally used, seems to be less used now apart from in the academic world. Perhaps health informatics is more about how we use data in healthcare and digital health is more about the hardware and software applications?

Do what terms do you used to describe what you do? Are you a digital health expert? Or a health informaticist?

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  • Dear Chris, I am not real the addressed group you are asking for but I hope I can also contribute to this topic.

    For me it is a bit time of buzzwords. eHealth for example came from the business character, people recognized that there is more possibility to make money if the use the word eHealth for everything what is electronic, has to do with health and has the distance character. The same I think is it a bit with the word "digitial health"...what is it really? Is it the use of information and communication technology (ICT), so the same common definition as in eHealth (electronic Health) is found often.

    I am studying for example Health Information Management. It is less technical than medical informatics but a good learning for processes and application components not only in hospitals.

    Me I always say "I do something in the field medical informatics, you can say - Health IT".

    A language, so definitions everyone is understanding, is really important for the communication in our domain, but maybe it is also a bit an illusion. For me, it would be wonderful if there is a common language.

    Kind regards, Verena

    P.S.: Topic eHealth, I prefer the definition from G. Eysenbach
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