SAS for Informatics people.

Im doing masters in health informatics. I heard that learning SAS would add weight to the resume? Please let me know your thoughts. I also see that most of the job postings related to informatics is asking for good experience/knowledge in software while I hear from my professors that health informatics is not about developing software rather knowing how to use technologies. so far the curriculum also gave me the same idea but in the job market the waves are different please enlighten me. 

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  • Hi Pravallika,

    Having experience with SAS would certainly be an advantage if you are applying to a hospital that uses it. I'm not sure how commonly it is used in the health sector if you are not sure where you will end up though.

    I agree with you about the job listings. Many do require experience with certain software solutions so getting experience in these would certainly help with employability. I would say they are probably looking for real-life experience so interning or doing project work with a hospital that is using the systems you want to learn might be a good way of getting this experience.

    I don't think you need to know how to develop the systems unless that is what you want to end up doing - if you are training clinicians and helping with implementations, familiarity helps be you don't need to be a developer.

    Kind regards,


    • Thank you Chris. I was told the same by my proof but when looking for internships.. Health care IT is expecting us(Health informatics People) to know development part too. 

       I also have the chance to pick one of the two courses 


      • Enterprise Information Architecture (3) - Overview of the theory and methods associated with appropriate construction and management of information architecture supportive of best practice clinical, administrative, and strategic policy and procedure in the delivery of health care. A problem-based approach is used to provide the basis for addressing architecture issues and solutions specific to the health care delivery environment.
      • Consumer Health Informatics (3) - Consumer health informatics explores the branch of medical informatics that analyzes consumers' needs for information; studies and implements methods of making information accessible to consumers; and models and integrates consumers' preferences into medical information systems. 
      Of those two courses which one do you or health informatics people think would be more useful.
      • Hi Pravallika,

        It depends on what kind of role you want. Both courses look very interesting to me! If you are planning on joining either a large health IT vendor or working with healthcare providers in implementation, the enterprise architecture might be better. If you are looking into start-ups, consumer health informatics might be the one to go for.



        • hello chris.. i wanted to do architecture but I'm bad at writing so I'm kinda afraid of taking it..

          can u help me in knowing more about start ups? I mean i don't get what it is.

          • Hi Pravallika,

            I mean new companies that are just "starting-up". Lots of these are in the consumer area - Patients Like Me, Health Tap, etc.



            • Thanks chris.

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