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The Android Wear project

Android are releasing a new project to extend the Android OS to wearables:


This obviously has lots of implications for healthcare - telemonitoring, adherence alerts, fitness tracking, etc.


The competition between Apple (with their Healthbook and iWatch projects) and Google in this space will hopefully mean a rapid development of the technology this year with lots of new opportunities for healthcare.


More on the Moto 360 - I think this smartwatch could be a hit with our telehealth patients...

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  • The competition between Google and Apple on this new space (smart watches) will be highly interesting. This is occurring at a time when more physiological sensors are also appearing. The Apple Healthbook project will reportedly integrate all of those into a personalized dashboard which I think "motivated" patients will really like. This fits very well into Consumer Informatics and the Quantified Self movement. We will need well designed studies to report the actual impact on patient's behavior and clinical outcomes. Until we know that we can't expect payers to reimburse. A very substantial concern is who will monitor the data (other than the patient) if there is no reimbursement? In the US the FDA will need to approve any devices that impact clinical outcomes. Should be an issue worth following this next year

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