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The format of patient records (EHR/EMR)

Hi everyone

Could anyone help me to explain what are the EHR(EMR- electronic medical record) formats/types and what are they?

I did find that paper record and electronic medical record, but for more specific into EMR, I have no idea about it

I also find out that PCEHR is one type of EHR,

Thank you

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  • Hi Tony, could you clarify your question a little? Are you asking about the different types of system or the way the data is stored. Most EHR data is stored in a dababase but there are standards for sending records between different systems (such as HL7 CDA).

    PCEHR usually refers to Patient Controlled EHR and there is a large project in Australia about this system:

    Best wishes, Chris
    • Thanks Cheris
      Could you answer in both ways please?
      The different types of system
      And the way data stored
      Best regards
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