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  • The University of Massachusetts has one that I would put up against the best of them.  Extreme bias as I am on faculty....


    • When researching schools, check the following criteria to make sure you choose a school that will provide the best possible education:
      1.Online Programs: Does the school offer distance learning courses to accommodate busy schedules?
      2.Degree Options: What programs does the school offer, and do those programs meet your career goals
      3.Financial Aid: Does the school provide grant, scholarship, and other financial aid to qualifying candidates?
      4.Career Assistance: What types of career services are available to students such as job fairs, internship programs, and other career-related resources?
      5.Accreditation: Is the school accredited, and if so, by which accrediting agency?

      I am a student at Emory university....biased but based on these five concepts, id recommend to give it a try
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