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HealthonclickIs a new revolution in the delivery of healthcare. An integrated web portal, which supports the healthcare providers to improve the patient care and overall efficiency in the delivery of healthcare. Healthonclick is a convenient, fast and secure web portal designed by in-house medical and pharmaceutical experts, connecting all healthcare providers under one network. The major goal of Healthonclick is to provide a best platform for Payers, Providers, patients, physicians, pharmacies and diagnostic centers for fast and secure communication for the exchange of health information. A one stop solution, for all the players in the delivery of health care.What does Healthonclick offer?• A convenient, fast and secure web portal for Payers, Providers, patients, doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, pathology labs and diagnostic centers to communicate with each other at minimal investment cost.• Patients can fix up online appointments, can access and maintain their personal health records, view online prescriptions and diagnostic results.• Doctors can view their appointments online and can also access the patient health records. They can send the prescription and diagnostic requests online to pharmacies and diagnostic centers and can also view test results online.• Doctors can create drug-drug interaction alerts, which would help them in prescribing the right medication to the right patient at the right time.• Doctors can also subscribe to receive SMS alerts when patient results are available from pathology or diagnostic center• Pharmacies can maintain an inventory of the drugs, there by maintaining a balance between demand and supply and would get regular alerts of the list of drugs expired and about to expire in the store.• All Healthonclick users can have access to a variety of health topics and patient education tools on various public health topics such as HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes, Asthma etc• Virtual doctor- 95 million people (8 in 10 adult Internet users) in the United States are using the Internet to gather advice about health and health care. Many of them are specifically searching for doctors. Health Onclick makes sure that they can find doctors within Health Onclick doctor directory and avail their services online.• Isn't it a Hassle to run from pillar to post to get your claims? - Several times a year, when (and if) you take the time to check through all of the family's medical claims, to verify that they are correct and under control? Don't you wish there were an EASY, FAST way to get claims on time? Well, now there is – Health Onclick• Healthcare Search Engine• Healthcare Jobs• Healthcare NewsProvidersOnline provider Services• Centralized record keeping and management• Streamlined billing processes that improve cash flow• Easily Communicate Information with Staff and Physicians• Secure, online, hospital-patient-physician connectivity• Patient scheduling helps your practice run more smoothly• Automated appointment reminders• Access patient records anytime and anywhere• Full featured electronic health records• Automated claims submissions make billing more efficient• Electronic access to payers streamlines revenue flow• Automated Patient Follow upPayersOnline payer Services• Secure, online, Payer-Provider-patient connectivity• Secure, online, Payer-Diagnostic Center-patient connectivity• Distributed Claims settlement irrespective of location• Integrated Provider Patient Applications• Provider satisfaction and service• EASY and FAST way to get Applications on time• Improved claims operations / reduced resubmission and rework• Access to providers' operational and technical leadership• Greater adoption of electronic transactions, increased % of electronic submissionDoctorHealthonclick is the most convenient and secured platform for doctors to view and access the patient appointments and health records online. Doctors can send the prescription and diagnostic requests online to pharmacies and diagnostic centers and can also view test results once available. Doctors can create drug-drug interaction alerts to help them in better decision making while prescribing the medication to the patients which would help them in prescribing the right medication to the right patient at the right time there by decreasing the medication errors.Online doctor Services• View complete patient information from single screen• Brand and expand your service online• Read entire Patient clinical history• More efficient use of consulting time• Publish Your Profile and Medical Research Articles• Consult specialists for better Information• Improves patient/physician satisfaction• Provide value added service to your patients• Quality referrals from other doctorsPatientPatients can schedule online appointments with the doctors which would help them save a lot of time. Patients can have access to their health records “any where-any time” which in certain emergency cases would be very handy. By accessing their previous health records and test results patients can get the right treatment at the right time.Online Patient Services• Rich Resource of Hospitals, Doctors and Diagnostic Centers• Rich Resource of Blood banks, Ambulatory and Health Packages• Improved quality of care• Online Physician Consultation• Online Appointment Scheduling with physicians and hospitals• Access Personal Health Records anytime, anywhere• Cashless Hospitalization• Appointment Alerts via SMS• Access Updated Health NewsPharmacyDoctors can send the drug prescription directly to the pharmacy there by reducing the medication errors. Pharmacies can maintain the inventory of drugs in the store and can ensure a balance between demand and supply. Regular alerts about the list of drugs expired and soon to be expired would be available to the pharmacist.DiagnosticDoctors can recommend online tests to diagnostic centers and Pathology labs and can also view the results online. By using Healthonclick diagnostic centers can improve their work flow efficiency and can even generate work reports on a periodic basis.Challenges for Doctors• In person appointments• Overlapping of appointments• Do not have patients’ medical history• Do not have any test result details till patients bring lab report with him• Need to wait for reports even for critical conditioned patients• Cannot support patients while on travel / out of hospital, due to non-availability of patients’ health records• Difficulty in referring to specialistsWhat the Industry Needs• Reliability• Portability• Instant access of reports : any time / any where• Instant information to make quick critical decisions• Data for Comparative study• New information / Latest medical updates• Security of personal medical information• Easy access of database for analysis• Uniform information across the globe• Cost saving• Most of all Eco-friendly operationsHealthonclick provides solutions to meet the need of hour for doctors at click of a button• Hospitals, labs, pharmacies, blood banks, eye banks and other organ banks are all connected• Medical history of patients on touch of a button• All past lab test results and prescription in front of the patient• Access patient’s data / lab test results while on move : any time / any where• Instant alert of critical test results for a critical patients• Database for analysis and study• Auto-scheduled appointments• 256 bit encrypted data• Extensive collaboration with doctors world wide, making it easy for emergency access• Complete global access• Access to latest medical articles and new medical technologiesChallenges for Patients• Long waiting hours to schedule doctor appointments• Not aware of personal medical history• Do not keep medical records / reports• Have to give personal details to every new doctor visits• When traveling out of city or country, medical records are out of reach• Have to go/send physically someone to collect lab reports• Misplace of medical record• Non-availability of medicines• Lack of information about blood or organ donors in case of emergencyHealthonclick provides solutions to meet the need hour of the patients at the click of a button meeting Patient Challenges• Patients can fix an appointment from the free slots displayed• No need to repeat personal details or medical history while visiting new doctors• Does not have to remember past medical prescriptions / to carry with• Does not have to store physically medical test reports or prescriptions• Does not have to go / send someone to collect test reports from lab• Does not have to carry reports while traveling• Can post a query• Accessible through mobile worldwide• Search and connect to Blood Banks and other Organ Banks worldwide• Storage of databases in the network helps to search for donors in emergencyChallenges with Pharmacies• Paper based prescription some times leads to medication errors• Difficulty in managing drug inventory• Needs to keep track of drugs expired• Unavailability of medicine leads to loss of customers• Lack of database about new drug releases• Lack of information to guide patients to various blood banks and organ banks• Lack of information about near-by hospitals and other medical servicesMeeting the Challenges• Structured database of test results made available for future analysis• Access to medical journals, new technology related to both medical and other pathological studies• Complete global mobile access• Connects laboratories worldwide• Cuts on patient waiting time• Advance information of expected patients and type of test helps to plan as per priorities• Ability to schedule important and rare tests• Instant information for a top priority test requested by a doctor• Facility to send instantly test results for critical patients (doctor’s top priority)• SMS alert on scheduling appointments and report delivery• Forwards reports to doctors and patients• Leads to absolute Eco-Friendly operationsHealthonclick‘s Free Services• Online appointment for patients, doctors and hospitals• Healthcare jobs posting• Healthcare packages posting• Branding for payers, providers ,doctors and diagnostic centersAbove features are free for all health care entities.For product PPT, Download from following link:Healthonclick PPThttp://healthonclick.com

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  • Whoa!!
    I know you posted this some while ago Sandy but damn!!i just joined in and your post is so complete it overwhelmed me!I'm doing research on information systems and interoperability in health in Cape Town,Africa. The aim is to look at better data collection and management, improved info systems (paper-based needs to go!)...i also will try look @ available solutions and recommend ones that can be applied to any developing country's context...Sandy, u just helped me in that part....thanks!
  • Hello Sandy,

    First of all, I feel pity for you because of not being able to write text for your so called "Healthonclick" website on your own. The world is too small and you are caught by me as I came across the text. It was me who penned down the entire text for our web portal eMedReport and you copied the entire text just like that and pasted on your "Healthonclick".

    Please remove the entire text that you posted if not I may have to sue you for violating the copy rights.
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