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Hey everyone I am in CA. And I was wondering if anyone here in CA knows the level of work I would be able to apply for once I finish my degree. Currently I have BS in Telecommunications and I am a current LVN. I will be done in a year and a half the very least, or 2 years if I take my time. Any advice and words of inspiration are welcome

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  • I'm starting the same program on Sept 1st. Nice to see another WGU student on here.
  • Hey Sean. I just signed up here a couple weeks ago and looking to connect with current professionals and students, especially here in SO CAL
    • You should hpo on Google Plus, a good amount of Informatics Folks on there as well. Let me know if you need an invite and send me a PM with your email address.
  • Hi Ronald,


    There are quite a few results searching for positions in California on our Jobs board:



    Good luck with your course!



  • given that you're an LVN, it might be easier for you to get a job since you actually have clinical experience.  However, from my blog, i get emails from candidates who just graduated with either a nursing informatics degree or a health administration informatics degree,  and they are telling me that they are having a hard time finding a job, not because there are no jobs, but because employers are demanding prior experience implementing projects.   And this is not one person, but several have emailed me in the past making this comment, asking for advice as to what they need to do.


    And as somebody who has interviewed candidates in the past, yes indeed, this is true; i know of a few places that are looking for the right 'experienced' candidate, and they know that there is a good supply of people out there, so they are holding out... 


    So 2 years from now----hopefully things have changed, but like anything else, you have to hustle for the job, and first line of offense, is have a smart resume.  I have seen plenty of entry level candidates with resumes with a really bad structure, and these resumes simply suck, so we discard them right away.   Best of luck.

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