What do you think?Dr. Gamaliel Tan, Chief Medical Informatics Officer of Alexandra Hospital:I think there are three main trends, chronic health monitoring in the community, in the home, wireless technology and non-invasive monitoring of glucose levels (Diabetes).Dr. Ramana Rao G.V, Executive Partner of Emergency Medicine Learning Centre (EMLC) and Research:• Being in the Business of saving lives• Joy of giving• Integrated emergency management approach (sense, reach and care and prevention paradigm / Medical/police and fire emergencies)• Best in the class• With less for moreDr. Keith Joe, Emergency Consultant and ED Redevelopment Project Director of Royal Melbourne Hospital:High speed internet (currently topical issue in Australia), the trend of increasing use and decreasing cost of portable devices, Paradigm shift in the way applications are developed and used e.g. Apple iPhone and iPadAny comments?Here is a link to the full articles, I have conducted some interviews with the doctors for our resource center: http://www.healthcareinformaticsasia.com/Event.aspx?id=383210Have a nice day!

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