• nobody, please help me
  • Hi,


    Please have a look at the list of links to educational institutions I complied here:



    You can also search on the AMIA website:


  • Hi Pham,


    I don't know what an IELTS score is (is that the same as TOFEL)?


    I'm currently completing my Masters in Health Informatics from the University of Waterloo. The reason why I choose this school was because it is offered from the Dept. of Computer Science rather than the Dept. of Health Policy. So the program is much more targeted for the perspective of a Computer Scientist or Engineer.


    Here is the link:




    • thank you Henry


      600 for tofle may be mean 6.5 IELTS that I can't have at this time

      happy new year!!!

      if you have any information relate my ability, please send to me


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