Health Informatics Degrees and Certificates

Health Informatics Degrees and Certificates

This page contains links to Health Informatics Degree and Certificate programs at universities and colleges. 

We list academic institutions that offer undergraduate, masters, post-graduate certificates and diplomas and other taught courses on Health Informatics.

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Adelphi University

On-Campus M.S. in Healthcare Informatics
Online M.S. in Healthcare Informatic

Healthcare Informatics Certificate Program

Arizona State University (ASU) Online

Master of Advanced Study in Health Informatics

University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill, Carolina Health Informatics Program (CHIP)

PhD in Health Informatics

Master of Professional Science in Biomedical and Health Informatics
Clinical Information Science Certificate
Health Care Informatics Certificate
Public Health Informatics Certificate

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Public Health Informatics Competencies

Public Health Informatics Fellowship Program

Claremont Graduate University

Health Informatics. MS in Information Systems & Technology

College of St. Scholastica

Undergraduate Health Information Management: Online/traditional
Graduate: M.S. Health Information Management, online

Graduate: M.S. Health Informatics, online

Columbia University, Department of Biomedical Informatics (DBMI)

Postdoctoral Fellowship (Degree)
Postdoctoral Fellowship (Non-Degree)
Clinical Informatics Subspecialty Fellowship
Certification of Professional Achievement Program in Health IT

Emory University School of Medicine, Department of Biomedical Informatics (BMI)/Emory University College Department of Mathematics amd Computer Science (joint)

Ph.D with Biomedical Informatics Concentration
Masters in CS and Biomedical Informatics

Excelsior College

Master's In Health Sciences (Healthcare Informatics): An Online Masters Degree for Working Adults.

Master's In Nursing Informatics (online)

Florida International University (FIU)

M.S. In Health Informatics & Analytics

George Mason University, College of Health and Human Services, Department of Health Administration and Policy.

Health Services Research, PhD

Knowledge Discovery and Health Informatics Concentration: prepares graduates to be scholars, educators, researchers, and leaders in health care organizations that support or regulate public and private health service entities.(Also available online)

Health Informatics, Master of Science (MS)

Provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to support the adoption and use of health information systems and analytic applications for a wide variety of clinical, administrative, and research purposes.(Also available online)

Health Informatics and Data Analytics, Graduate Certificate

Prepares clinicians and health care managers to develop and manage health information systems and electronic commerce service.

Health Administration, Bachelor of Science (BS)

Health Informatics Concentration: prepares undergraduate students specialized in the use of technology and information in health care settings.

Health Information Technology Minor

Introduces students to the utilization of health information management in the delivery of health care

Harvard Medical School, Department of Biomedical Informatics, Biomedical Informatics Training Program.

Master's Programs

Summer Program

Indiana University (IU) School of Nursing and School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI.

Nursing B.S. and Health Informatics M.S.

Jacksonville University

Master of Science in Health Informatics (Online course)

Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine, Division of Health Sciences Informatics (DHSI)

The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Clinical Informatics

This online program may be completed in one to three years.

The MS in Applied Health Sciences Informatics-Online

This degree program is offered online with a completion time of 15 to 36 months to offer scheduling flexibility for working students.

The MS in Health Sciences Informatics Research

This 24 month campus based program is focused on an independent research project resulting in a thesis.

The MS in Applied Health Sciences Informatics

This intensive campus based program must be completed in 12 months.

The PhD in Health Sciences Informatics

Kent State University, School of Information, Health Informatics

Online Master of Science in Health Informatics

Master of Library and Information Science and a Master of Science in Health Informatics

Health Informatics Combined Bachelor’s-Master’s Degree

Health Informatics PH.D. in Communication & Information

Online Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Health Informatics

King University Online

Online Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics

Lipscomb University

Master of Science in Health Care Informatics (MHCI)

Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)

Master of Science in Health Informatics

Montana Tech

Health Care Informatics Bachelor of Science (BS)

The B.S. in Health Care Informatics is availble to both online and traditional students.

National University

Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics

Bachelor of Science in Allied Health

Available online. Students in the Health Informatics Concentration are required to complete six specialized courses in addition to the core major requirements for the BS with a Major in Allied Health.

Master of Science in Health Informatics Available online

Specialization in Nursing Informatics Available online

Northern Kentucky University

Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics
Master of Science in Health Informatics
Health Informatics Certificate

Joint Juris Doctor/Master of Science in Health Informatics, J.D./M.H.I.

NOVA Southeastern University (NSU)

Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics

The Ohio State University College of Medicine, Biomedical Informatics

Master Degrees in Biomedical Informatics

Distance Education and Certificates in Biomedical Informatics

PhD Tracks in Biomedical Informatics
Undergraduate Opportunities

Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU), School of Medicine, Department of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology,

Clinical Informatics Graduate Certificate Online or On-Campus

Clinical Informatics MS Online or On-Campus

Clinical Informatics PhD

Rasmussen College, School of Health Sciences

Health Information Management (HIM) Bachelor's degree Online or On-Campus

Health Information Technician (HIT) Associate's degree Online or On-Campus

San Diego State University, Biological and Medical Informatics

Biological and Medical Informatics (BMI) program with a Professional Science Masters (PSM) option

Southern New Hampshire University

BS in Health Information Management (Online)

Health Informatics Online Master’s in IT

Stanford University, School of Medicine, Biomedical Informatics/Biomedical Informatics Research (BMIR)

Biomedical Informatics Graduate Program

The Biomedical Informatics (BMI) graduate program is an interdepartmental program that offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees, both on campus and through distance learning.

St Joseph's University Online

MS in Health Administration: Informatics Concentration

SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Medical Informatics program

The program is convenient for working adults by scheduling classes in the evening.

Tufts University, School of Medicine

Public Health and Professional Degree Programs, Health Communication

Certificate in Digital Health Communication

The University of North Carolina (UNC) at Charlotte, Health Informatics, Data Science Initiative

Health Informatics Graduate Certificate
Health Informatics Master’s Degree
Health Administration and Health Informatics, MHA/M.S. Dual Degree
Pubic Health and Health Informatics, MPH/M.S. Dual Degree

University of Alabama at Birmingham, School of Health Professions

Master of Science in Health Informatics (MSHI program)

University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Department of Biomedical Informatics

Master’s Program (MS) concentrating in Clinical Informatics

University of California Davis (UC Davis), School of Medicine, Health Informatics

Health Informatics Masters Degree

University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)

Biological and Medical Informatics Graduate Program (BMI)

University of California LA (UCLA) Medical Imaging Informatics

Bioinformatics MSc

University of California LA (UCLA) Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics Interdepartmental Ph.D.

University of Central Florida, Department of Health Management and Informatics

B.S. Health Informatics and Information Management (HIIM)
Minor in Health Informatics and Information Management
Master of Science in Health Care Informatics
Graduate Certificate in Health Information Administration

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), College of Applied Health Sciences, Biomedical and health information science

Master of Science in Health Informatics (MSHI), Online
Post-Master’s Certificate in Health Informatics (PMC HI), Online
Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management (BS HIM), On Campus or Online
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Health Information Management (PBC HIM), Online
PhD in Biomedical and Health Informatics (On Campus)

University of Colorado (CU) Online (Four campus: Denver | Boulder | Colorado Springs | Anschutz Medical Campus)

Health Care Informatics Certificate

University of Kansas, Medical Center, University of Kansas Center for Health Informatics (KU-CHI)

Master of Science in Health Informatics
Post-Graduate Certificate

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, Communication and Information Sciences (CIS)

Communication and Information Sciences PhD Program

University of Iowa

Health Informatics Ph.D. Program
Health Informatics MS
Health Informatics Certificate
MS/PharmD (dual degree)

University of Maryland, School of Nursing, Nursing Informatics

MS Nursing Informatics
Nursing Informatics Certificate
Summer Institute in Nursing Informatics (SINI) Conference

University of Massachusetts - Lowell

Master of Science in Health Informatics and Management
Graduate Certificate Programs in Health Informatics and Management

University of New Jersey, Rutgers, School of Health Professions, Department of Health Informatics

Certificate in Healthcare Informatics - Post Baccalaureate
M.S In Biomedical Informatics

University of Michigan, Health Informatics (a joint program of the School of Information and the School of Public Health)

Masters in Health Informatics
Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee (UWM)

MS Health Care Informatics (Online)

University of Minnesota, Institute for Health Informatics

Master of Health Informatics
PhD in Health Informatics
Master of Science

University of Missouri (MU), Health Management and Informatics

Master of Science in Health Informatics Residential
Master of Science in Health Informatics Executive
Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics

University of Missouri (MU), Informatics Institute

Informatics PhD Program

University of New England (UNE), Online College of Graduate & Professional Studies

M.S. in Health Informatics Online, complete as quickly as 2 yrs
Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics Online, complete as quickly as 1 yr

University of North Texas (UNT), College of Information, Department of Information Science

MS-IS (Information Science) in Health Informatics
Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in Health Informatics
Bachelor's Degree in Information Management and Health Informatics

University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing

Health Informatics Minor

University of Saint Mary

Online Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management (BSHIM)

University of San Francisco, School of Nursing & Health Professions

Master of Science in Health Informatics

University of South Florida (USF Health Online)

Masters Degree
Graduate Certificate

University of Utah School of Medicine, Biomedical Informatics

Informatics Graduate Certificate

Washington University, School of Medicine

Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics
Clinical Informatics Fellowship

University of Washington, Jointly: School of Medicine and School of nursing

MS—Master of Science (Clinical Informatics & Patient-Centered Tech)

University of West Florida

Health Informatics Certificate Program

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth Houston), School of Biomedical Informatics

Graduate Certificate in Biomedical Informatics
Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics
PhD in Biomedical Informatics
Masters Dual Degree Program
Doctoral Dual Degree Program

Vanderbilt University, School of Nursing

Nursing Informatics

Walden University

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) - Nursing Informatics

Wilkes University

Master of Science: Nursing Informatics



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