Health Informatics Salary

Health Informatics Salary

People looking into a career in Health Informatics are understandably interested in what kind of salary the different types of health informatics jobs can bring in.

For nurses, The HIMSS Nursing Informatics Salary survey offers a reasonable estimate from a poll of 970 nurse informaticians.

There are, of course, many other types of informatician. If you work in the UK's NHS, there is a quite well-defined salary scale for all the different types of health informatics jobs:

This doesn't cover positions outside the NHS, however, and private sector positions are likely to have quite different salaries.

To get an idea of health informatics salaries in the private sector in the UK, it is worth browsing  through the positions avialable on the e-Health Insider jobs board:

In the US, you can take a look at our Health Informatics Jobs board, which has several thousand health informatics jobs listed with salaries.