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  • Lets discuss SNOMED (Standard Nomenclature of Medicine) a comprehensive, hierarchical healthcare terminology system.

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Abuja, Abuja FCT

About Me:

I have a solid background as a software architect and user experience and interface designer, and have demonstrated an ability to effectively communicate not only with other developers but also with product managers, stakeholders, designers, marketers, and anyone else who might have a need to express relevant ideas to a team of developers.There are many other things i do, but I chose few here to illustrate the particular challenge I face as a new Healthcare Informatics and UIX designer.

What is your interest in Health Informatics?

We need to all visualize technology as a process and something we are going to build ourselves. I do realise that there are so many developers that are getting things wrong in this field. I want to bring together the pieces of an architecture for all aspects of the system and then communicates the architecture in the right way that suites the health care IT industry.

What is your profession?

IT Professional