About Me:

I want to elevate the impact of technology in human health. I belong to a family of doctors who share a vision of ‘affordable healthcare’. Yet my personal enthusiasm for ‘access to information for all’ led my career at Oracle, providing technological solutions to POSCO, BOEING and GE. During a GE project, I ensured the web pages are equally accessible to normal people and specially-abled people alike(Americans With Disabilities Act). In this project, I found the overlap between my passions for affordable healthcare and technology that makes healthcare accessible to all. Over and beyond my role at Oracle, I worked with FocalCXM to design an app that reduces marketing overhead of pharma( by providing an online and interactive platform to doctors). Given, my experience and enthusiasm for sustainable and affordable healthcare for all, I want to make our world a healthier place. I am an avid motorcycle rider too. I have ridden through entire India and have cracked BunBurner 2500,a feat achieved by only 8 Indians and 5 Dutch.

What is your interest in Health Informatics?

Healthcare IT management

What is your profession?

IT Professional, Student