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About Me:

Tamba Fayiah graduated with a BSc (Hons - Magna Cum-Lauda) in Mathematics. He also holds a Honours diploma in Software Engineering. He has keen interest in research relating to Public Health issues and Data Analysis, as he has demonstrated through his engagement with the Research Group at the National Public Health Institute of Liberia. As a Mathematics Lecturer at the University of Liberia, Fayiah has expertise in teaching higher level mathematics courses such as Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Computation using MATLAB, and Linear Algebra. He is also presently a per-time Software and Web-development Instructor at Blue Crest University College, Liberia. He has skills in programming using Java, C#,PHP, ASP.Net, Python and its related Data Analysis libraries such as Pandas, SciPy, Matplotlib, Seaborn etc. He also has expertise in working on Relational Databases: designs and developments using database technologies such as MSSQL Server, MySQL and Non-SQL Database Systems. He is proficient in using R and Stata for Statistical Analysis, and can conduct analyses such as t-tests and F-test and other Statistical hypothesis tests, data cleaning, data visualization and methods for dealing with missing data.

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IT Professional, Other, Healthcare Professional